From Sharon Tan comes Legacy Living

your step-by-step guide to creating your legacy while you can, before it’s too late.

 “This book will empower and equip you! It will fill the void between what you hope will be the outcomes for your life and family and your reality.

I highly recommend “Legacy Living” book as a must-read resource for parents and families.” Dr Charles Gullo

Inside Legacy Living, you will discover how to:

  • love more fully & with purpose
  • future proof your legacy by having a vision bigger than yourself
  • develop your unique legacy through self-discovery
  • lead and inspire others to pass down wisdom and valuable traditions
  • craft your legacy that will empower all who meet you
  • identify and establish the values that will influence all aspects of your life

As wife and mother of their unique ‘Tan Clan’, Sharon draws on her rounded life within the bosom of her family but also as a life coach, pastor and public speaker to show you what Legacy Living looks like.

Sharon Tan’s new book “Legacy Living” is an exciting read!
Full of practical tools and strategies to inspire the reader to make
POSITIVE LIFE CHOICES, which will improve your current life as well as your future generations.
Legacy Living is easy to read. Simply set out and full of impacting quotes and real-life stories.
After reading the book I sat down with my family and together we discussed different ways to improve our personal and family life so we too can leave a generational lasting legacy.

Barbara from Australia