What others are saying:

Read how the Kick-start-BREAK-through Package helped me….. “I knew something wasn’t right with my thinking and negative emotions! It got to a point that I could not function in my everyday life even with little things. I am normally a strong and achieving woman, running my own businesses, but some unfortunate events in my family life due to health issues and broken relationships with siblings, started to cloud my everyday function. Then I heard Sharon on the radio and decided to ring thinking….it can’t hurt right?  Although I felt I knew all the answers I was willing to give it a go. Sharon recommended the “6 week Kick-start Breakthrough package”.  Immediately I began the journey.

Weekly I would talk to Sharon for an hour, and after every session feel such a weight come off my shoulders and I would feel very refreshed. By the end I was actually smiling and happy, ready to take on anything and go for it and get back into life, and i would hear myself talk and feel so different!  It has really made such a big difference putting into place the everyday practical keys Sharon gives in the kick-start program. I can’t recommend this highly enough, its like nothing else I’ve ever done before, and my life will NEVER be the same. I will be continuing to talk with Sharon once a month, by choice for my continuous “life coaching”, because after every session, such a weight is lifted of my shoulders and I’m back on course. Its a journey but now a very bright and different looking one.  Thanks again Sharon, so glad I found you”.Samantha from Sunshine Coast Australia.

“After six weeks of coaching with Sharon it brought Clarity, Stability in my mind and Empowered me to move forward.”  Pauline

“My Life was totally turned around after a few coaching sessions. Sharon helped me Face my Fears and gave me Specific Strategies to Positively and Completely overcome my fears.  My life is Changed.” Sam
“For years I did not  feel good enough and repeatedly made the same mistakes.  I felt I didn’t deserve any other life. As a result of being coached by Sharon my life is changed!  I now love me, and coaching has greatly influenced every area of my life including my business and staff.  I now experience great happiness and have created new empowering beliefs.  If you have any questions concerning coaching with Sharon please contact me, it’s … Life Changing!!!”  Noeline

“In my golf tournaments I always followed my same pattern of confused emotional self-talk.  After being coached by Sharon I now ask myself Focused Quality questions.  Now I approach each tournament being calm, focused and successful.” Adrian

“Every session I have with Sharon is like a gift from God to me. It’s like His hands of love are opened up and through the different strategies Sharon shares with me, He pours in encouragement, strength and hope so I can walk in this journey called life, making healthy choices based on a foundation of truth.”   Meredith

“Everyone needs a Sharon in their life – recently I had been very depressed and then I met Sharon.  After three sessions HOPE came back into my life.  Sharon has INSPIRED me into a more POSITIVE DIRECTION and I am now striving to become BETTER and BIGGER and than I could have imagined and I thank her for that.”    Renade

“With just one session I became aware of the negative subconscious thoughts I had about myself which were holding me back, and was enlightened  to some new strategies and direction I will embrace on my new journey. I am excited!”  Bernie

“I was already a little apprehensive about starting Life Coaching as it is different from anything I have done before. When I first heard that it would be over the phone I wasn’t sure at all about that and thought it would be easier and I would be more comfortable in person. I now would not do it any other way, each week I am impressed at the outcome of the session and how much we have covered. I feel through phone-coaching I am more relaxed, in the comfort of my own home and able to honestly and genuinely share my thoughts and feelings.”  Michelle

“I am so excited about the changes in my life!  Now I’m able to respond to challenges really well by keeping focused and mindful about my intentions.  As a result I have been offered a new role in my work, causing me to step-up, be more responsible and accountable.. Thanks Sharon our sessions have absolutely bought some changes and I mean changes in my whole life in my thinking and those around me.  Being intentional has given me a greater purpose to hold fast to what I say and follow through.” Maria

Testimonials about Sharon’s Daily Radio talks on 106.five FM Rhema Sunshine Coast:

LIFE CHANGING Empowering  MOMENTS!!! Every time I listen to Sharon share I am encouraged, inspired, empowered and motivated to take charge of my life, my thought patterns, my speech and my personal walk with the Lord and to reach new levels of growth and maturity.  Sharon uses such passion, positive word choice, knowledge, wisdom and understanding from her own life experiences and many years of Pastoring and counseling. What she has to share equips me to make wise choices, move forward and not let the past hold me back. Her message is about empowering and equipping! Great message! Great delivery! Great results!   Thank you Sharon for sharing your passion, tenacity, life skills and wealth of godly wisdom, character and biblical knowledge. You have been such a positive  mentor to me and have empowered me to look at life positively, and empowered me with skills to enable me to be an over comer and to pass on to others what I learn and continue to learn from you. What a blessing you are to SO MANY.  Thank-you Barbara

While listening to Rhema Fm one morning a programme challenged me to list my expectations. After doing this, came to a complete halt because I didn’t know what to do with the list now that I had made it. My only course of action was to ring; I could feel The LORD urging me to follow through. When I spoke to Sharon that morning it was clear my prayers were answered relating to assistance with life changing help.  With loving encouragement Sharon was able to walk with me through the maze of my past and point to the path leading to the destination I was trying to reach. My time with Sharon is very productive, uplifting and rewarding. After treading water for some time I feel as though I’m moving forward again. I thank you Sharon for listening to God and obeying his call on your life. Gratefully yours Yvonne